Welcome Back

Friday, June 22, 2012 - 16:50

The disneylandian has been dead or on hiatus for a long number of years to long. Its a story of life and changing technology. I wanted to change the backed technology from straight html pages generated by a strange web design program that rendered the pages from a database (I know its weird) but this was before cms systems in the 90's. I ditched the side and started building a custom .asp solution, then I scrapped that and started a custom php solution uses dreamweaver and interakt tools. Then they went bust and I started drupal programming for a living and thought, I'll rebuild in drupal. Well 4 starts and years later I am finally building the Disneylandian in Drupal. I was going to leave everyone locked out but decided I might as well let everyone watch this thing evolve.

The disneylandian is going to be a giant site. I am planning to seed everything but eventually I want to switch to a user contributed system, and I don't mean some lame message board. Well see how that works later. For now enjoy there is much much more to come.

Mike Hathaway