Disney's Fast Pass is a reservation system for rides. You place your passport or season pass in a Fast Pass machine and you get a ticket with a return time / window. Generally you have a one hour window to return and ride. When your time to return comes you go to the "Fast Pass" line where you will wait for 10 or 15 minutes to board the ride generally skipping the 1 hour plus wait times in the Stand By Line. So with Fast Pass rides can have up to three lines. The standard line or "Stand By Line" the "Fast Pass Return" line and finally for some rides a single rider line. Because of Fast Pass there is now more strategy to rides on the typical disneyland visit. So here are the rules for Fast Pass 1. You can only have 1 fast pass at a time 2. You can get a second fast pass until your fast pass return time or if its a long wait your ticket will have a "Next Fast Pass Time" marked on it. 3. You do not have to get your fast pass in person. One member of a group can be the runner with all the passports running to the fast pass machine and getting everyones pass. Using this you can create your strategy. Basically a typical disney day goes like this Step One: Get Fast Pass for most popular ride Step Two: Ride stand by or non fast pass rides Step Three: Get next fast pass when ticket shows "Next Fast Pass Time" or as soon as your return window starts. Step Four: Ride fast pass ride Go back to Two.